AP Pro Online Training Courses

Welcome to the AP Pro Online Training Course

The course is broken down into 3 levels with each level being made up of a series of videos. As you progress through the levels the content comes increasingly more sophisticated functionality.

If you have any questions regarding AP Pro email us at customertraining@basware.com.

AP Pro online

Level 1 Training Course

Level 1 provides an introduction to the AP Pro interface and explains the basics such as how to log in, communicating with others in the platform, and how to alter user settings.

We highly recommend all users start here to ground their understanding in the new platform.

Course Length: 30 minutes

AP Pro online

Level 2 Training Course

Level 2 explores the full capabilities within the AP Pro platform for invoice handling. This level walks you through the functionality that as a member of an AP team you will need to know.

We recommend this for all AP clerks and Managers, or those using the platform daily.

Course Length: 90 minutes

AP Pro online

Level 3 Training Course

Level 3 includes the most advanced content, providing you insight into how to customize your layout, use Spend Plans and manage workload across an AP team.

We recommend this level for AP Team Leaders and advanced users of the platform.

Course Length: 60 minutes