Level 1 - AP Pro Training Course

Gain a basic understanding of the AP Pro platform.

Level 1 course overview

Level 1 of the training course is designed to provide you a basic understanding of the AP Pro platform.

At the end of this level you will be able to understand:

  • How does the invoice lifecycle process work within AP Pro?
  • How to alter your viewing modes and utilize filters?
  • How to log in to the platform?
  • How to communicate with colleagues on the platform?
  • How to make basic changes to your user settings?

We highly recommend all users start here to ground their understanding in the new platform.

How to login (3 mins)

We start the course with, Ulrika Mårtensson, Senior Business Consultant explaining:

  • How to log in to AP Pro
  • What you will first see when you login
  • And, the core elements of the homepage

Lesson length: 3 mins


Introduction to the new UI (13 mins)

In this session Maarten Laukens, Senior Global Technical Presales Manager, introduces the AP Pro interface and specifically discusses:

  • How the invoice lifecycle process works within the platform.
  • How to set-up different viewing modes.
  • How to filter columns, pin and group items into lists.
  • How to use pivots to analyse your invoice data 

Lesson length: 13 mins

Communication in the platform (3 mins)

In this short lesson, Ulrika Mårtensson, Senior Business Consultant explains how to communicate with other users around invoices in the AP Pro platform.

Lesson length: 5 mins


User settings explained (11 mins)

In this lesson, Ulrika Mårtensson, Senior Business Consultant, will go through the different user settings available for you.

Specifically, she will discuss;

  • How to set up a backup person for your account
  • How to change account or approval passwords
  • How to setup preferred supplier review preferences
  • How to make language, region and notification requests to your admin
  • How to implement smart coding automatically on invoices
  • Your display options for reviewing and approving invoices

Lesson length: 11 mins